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Sunday Blues

Gorman Pants, Gorman Top, Birkenstock Shoes. 
 Currently in Melbourne and can I just say what a stunning city this is! Love everything about it - the vibe, the people, the old buildings, the street art, the shopping. Haven't been too lucky with the weather although hopefully it gets better soon...
Anyways so Melbourne as you may already know from me saying just before has some stunning shops. One of my favourite in particular; Gorman. Specifically its outlet shop. We went there two days ago and it had so much of stock for so so much cheaper! Highly highly recommend. It's called Gorman Surprise. So I bought these pants and top (and a whole lot of other things I can assure you...)
Just find this outfit (especially the pants) suuuuper comfy and simple yet stylish at the same time. I have a lot of patterns in my wardrobe and was in need of some simple pieces to go with all my statement clothes.
Hope you all have a delightful week and I'll see you just before school goes back.…