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Easter Love

Gorman Jumper, Gorman Top, Birkenstock Shoes, Zara Jeans.
Currently on holiday and loving it! I am visiting my aunty and uncle on their farm and am seriously enjoying the time to rejuvenate and relax. Today was Easter and I for sure ate my way through the day - chocolate and all.
Loving Gorman recently, both my top and jumper are from there and can I just say how comfy I find their garments. One thing I have begun to continuously do is wear a hat with my clothes. I find that it just brings the whole outfit together. Loving the winter weather that’s rolling in, and can’t wait to get the winter wardrobe out and in action!
This outfit is super easy to wear both casually like I did with the hat, or if you chuck a coat on and some heeled sandals it can be certainly classed up!
Have a lovely Easter weekend my loves and I’ll be sure to see you very soon.
Isabella xxx