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I have had the craziest week, I was on a kayaking camp for four days which was so much fun - and then the day after we got back I had formal! Crazy I know... fair to say I'm very tired.  But formal was such fun and I'm so glad I went :) 
I have a little story to tell about this dress - which I hold very dear to my heart. One day I was talking to my mum about what I should wear to this formal coming up and we were trying old dresses of hers on and having a giggle, when she remembered she found her year 12 formal dress from 1984. So she pulled it down from the cupboard and I tried it on and I just loved it. So I decided to wear it to the formal. Not only did she win best dressed, she also designed it out of pure silk and can I just point out that it has pockets! Everything about this dress is so special to me and I was so proud to wear it to my formal and gladly say when people asked me that it was my mums year 12 formal dress.
So there my little story, I hope you all have a lo…