Simple yet put together!

Gorman Headband

Birkenstock Shoes

Country Road Skirt

TopShop Top and Sunnies I don't know where these are from because I got them for Christmas but  I've seen them around everywhere at boutiques and surf shops!

Loving this outfit! The Country Road skirt is just so simple and easy to throw on and I am obsessed with the zip down the front.  Plain pieces are such a staple for me in my wardrobe. I've paired it with a loose baby blue top. Such an elegant colour which goes so nicely with my headband and earrings. The earrings are wood and from this cute coffee shop near me called E for Ethel. They are just so pretty because they are shaped like clouds with baby pink and blue tracing the outside. Loving the baby blue colour recently. But onto the headband... my fav food of all time is a banana (and hot chips hehe)! They are just soooo tasty and yellow happens to be my fav colour as well, coincidence? I think not... So when I saw this banana headband in Gorman I knew I was destined to wear it. So I ended up buying it of course (no surprise there) and I am not even kidding I wear this everywhere. The bow at the front is just divine and the fabric is just so damn soft!  I just adore it. Anyone can rock one of these I promise, you've just gotta own it. Every time my friends see me out wearing it they are like I could never rock that and I'm like girl plz you do you! There are so many prints of these in Gorman that you've just have to find the one that suits your style and you'll never look back! My sunnies are just simple flashback pink ones, I love wearing these and knowing no one can see my eyes. And of course, my shoes are just my classic comfy black Birkenstocks. Can never go wrong with these! Definitely one of my favourite outfits as it's so simple but it looks super put together!

isabellafrankie xoxo


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