My Room Tour

Hey chickadees :) Welcome to my room! To me, a room is supposed to be cozy and ooze all things you. I love to collect things from places I have traveled, display my jewelry, stick up photos, FAIRY LIGHTS and of course a lil bit of greenery to liven the place up. Your room should be a zen zone, your place of comfort where you can escape to from all your worries and rebalance yourself. I love my room. I have recently redone it as I had a built up collection of ideas and items that I had collected over the years that I was desperate to redecorate with.

These shells are called Panzi Shells. I found them the sandy beaches of Mozambique in Africa. They are the most beautiful shell I have ever seen and I was so lucky to have discovered that they made it all the way back to my bedroom as they are ever so delicate. This is my makeup bench where I keep all my perfumes and makeup products. I love having a separate space for each of my things, it leaves me feeling organized as I am not a fan of mess!

My desk is minimal whilst still having my spin on things, I love to be able to look up from my homework and admire the vintage photographs that I found of my parents... it makes work that much more bearable.
My bed is the most important part of my room. If it looks comfy and inviting then I know that I have succeeded... sometimes it looks too inviting and I just end up doing my homework on my bed... is that bad? hehe

gotta make sure you get those mood boards in... never miss a chance to stick up a photo!
And that's my room for you. A space I have created that is warm and cozy. A few tips on room decorating...
1. Don't be afraid to chuck in a few plants! (if you're anything like me fakies look just as effective)
2. MOOD BOARD - have as many as you like and fill them with magazine articles, cool images, cards; the sky is the limit!!
3. Use candles and fairy lights where you can. I cannot stress this enough, a room with cute little lights everywhere is just that much more cozy, cute and inviting.
4. Stick to a theme, for me I went for white, baby blue, baby pink, black and gray.
5. Be fun with it! If you want pompoms hanging from your ceiling... then go get some fricken pompoms and stick them up there. Your room is your space so be creative and unique, in the end, your the one who has to live in it!

isabellafrankie xoxo


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